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I’m Kim. I share my musings here on a variety of topics – including software engineering, systems topics, technology, culture, arts, and NYC.

These are my side projects:

At Georgia Tech, I’m taking these classes this semester:

  • Computer Networks – introduction to the evolution of the Internet architecture, the transport layer algorithms and protocols such as TCP and congestion control, intradomain/interdomain routing, peering and networks relationships, router design and functionalities, Software Defined Networking technologies, security, multimedia applications, and Content Delivery Networks.
  • Software Analysis and Testing – intro to LLVM and how to write correct software (plus testing techniques such as sanitizers, fuzzing, pointer analysis, etc.

I’ve completed these classes and am generally interested in these topics:

  • Advanced Operating Systems – basically an introduction to advance systems topics and introduction to distributed computing
  • Software Development Process: Taught by Dr. Alessandro Orso, this class covered the use of software processes in actual product development, surveyed techniques used to ensure quality of the software products, and through a series of projects, covered maintenance tasks performed as software evolves (including testing eg black box test, white box tests, unit tests, integration tests, refactoring considerations and basic design patterns). The class also includes a group project to develop an Android app. It was in Java mostly.
  • High Performance Computing Architecture: Taught by Dr. Milos Prvulovic, this class covered modern computer architecture, including branch prediction, out-of-order instruction execution, cache optimizations, multi-level caches, memory and storage, cache coherence and consistency, and multi- and many-core processors. We got to work in C++ mostly, writing processor simulator (SESC) features and extensions.
  • Graduate Introduction to Operating System: C mostly, a bit of C++ at the end
  • Introduction to Information Security – a survey course in security topics
  • Human Computer Interaction – 2 user study projects to improve HCI aspects of an existing product & interface